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We introduced the joy of a new opportunity and design in 2006. A system and a new solution dedicated to the benefit of children, youth & raven games, etc.

The response was very positive from our stakeholders. Our NEW & SUCCESS – Split Tables – divides an area of ??20 x 40 m 3 GAMES FIELD. By adding a few extra edging blocks, so you create two cross walls coupled with a connection to the main boards. Games surfaces is that three minisarger, where the two outer panels are of 13.8 x 20 m and the midfield of 12.3 x 20 m

The number of hockey players is increasing in size. In the Swedish IBF’s report recognized over approximately 130 000 licensed players & enthusiasts! Floorball’s now one of the most growing sports and the increase goes on at breakneck speed! The last 10 years, floorball received an increase of about 7% pr. years, making it the largest indoor sports. The increase is greatest among young people and the number of players is increasing most in the female front. They account for just over 25% of the licenses.

Suppliers responsible

Since hockey sport attracts children & youth, it is important that we as suppliers can contribute to development. Therefore, it is both inspiring and of course for all parties involved to design & create new ones.